Dr. Dre – Compton [Album]


Dr. Dre has been the butt-end of producer jokes for over a decade now, for the reason being that his rumored album Detox never ever came to reality, as everyone waited and waited for it. It seemed as though he would never come out with another album under his name. But with the release of, Straight Outta Compton, a biopic of his early 90’s rap group, NWA, he was inspired to create this album, based around his experiences as a kid growing up in Compton and becoming one of the first mainstream rap acts to come out of the gang infested neighborhood.

Without a doubt Compton is one of the best rap projects of 2015, and can be argued to be one of the best of the last couple years. Dr. Dre delivers some of his greatest productions that are complimented by an array of solid vocal features from Kendick Lamar, Eminem, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Jill Scott, to name a few.

Stream the entire album now at Apple Music and let us know what you think!

Stream: Dr. Dre – Compton

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